• Entrance

    The store is located right in front of Exit A4 of Asakusa station. 5~10 minutes prior to your visit, please come to the 7th floor of the store building. Our staff will be waiting to welcome you.

  • Aisle in the store

    When you enter the restaurant, you will see cherry blossoms in full bloom on the ceiling. In Japan, there is a custom called “hanami,” or cherry blossom viewing, in which people enjoy eating and drinking with friends under a cherry tree while admiring the blossoms. In order to let customers feel the charm of this Japanese culture, cherry blossoms bloom on the ceiling of the aisle inside the restaurant all year round.

  • Counter Seating

    There are only 10 seats at the counter. This is a space where you can enjoy our restaurant's performance from a close distance. At the scheduled time, the artisan will signal the start of the meal and the course will begin.

  • Open Kitchen

    Only an open kitchen allows you to enjoy the live atmosphere of tempura being fried right in front of your eyes. Craftsmen make full use of their skillful techniques to serve hot, freshly made tempura on the spot. Enjoy watching and tasting. Please spend such a luxurious time.