The Grand Opening of Tempura Asakusa SAKURA

Hello everyone! The day has finally arrived. Today, April 8, 2024, Tempura Asakusa SAKURA has officially opened its doors. We are thrilled to share this moment with you as a new tempura destination is born in the heart of Asakusa.

Why We Opened Tempura Asakusa SAKURA

First, let us explain why we decided to open Tempura Asakusa SAKURA. Asakusa is a wonderful area where history and downtown culture remain deeply rooted. In this special place, we want more people to discover the charm of Japanese cuisine, especially tempura.

Tempura is a delicate dish that requires a high level of skill, and we are committed to always providing the best tempura by maximizing our techniques. However, we don’t just stick to tradition; we also strive to meet modern needs by offering all our dishes gluten-free and making our tempura healthier than anywhere else. This way, even those with food allergies and health-conscious individuals can enjoy our tempura without worry.

Our Services and Commitment

At Tempura Asakusa SAKURA, our goal is to provide a unique dining experience for our customers. Our commitments are as follows:

  1. Gluten-Free Tempura
    All our tempura is made with a special gluten-free batter, allowing even those with wheat allergies to enjoy it safely. Additionally, we use special cooking equipment to reduce oil absorption by 40%, making our tempura low-calorie and healthy.
  2. Muslim-Friendly Menu
    We cater to guests with diverse cultural and religious backgrounds by using halal ingredients, ensuring that Muslim customers can dine with peace of mind.
  3. Live Experience at the Counter
    Our restaurant only has counter seats, allowing guests to enjoy the sight of the chef frying tempura right before their eyes. This live dining experience and the chef’s performance will leave a lasting impression, both visually and tastefully.
  4. Fresh Seasonal Ingredients
    We carefully select fresh seasonal ingredients. The tempura made with these seasonal ingredients offers the unique flavors of each season.
  5. Special Course Menu
    Our recommended course is the “SAKURA Seafood Omakase Tempura Course.” This course features fresh prawns, whiting, our original smoked squid, and seasonal vegetables, allowing you to indulge in luxurious tempura.

In Conclusion

Tempura Asakusa SAKURA aims to provide the best tempura in Tokyo in a place where history and culture intersect, Asakusa. We hope you can feel our chef’s skills, passion, and our hospitality.

We look forward to welcoming you. Thank you for your continued support of Tempura Asakusa SAKURA.

Store Name: Tempura Asakusa SAKURA
Address: THE CITY Asakusa Kaminarimon 7F, 2-18-16 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo(Google map
Access: 1-minute walk from Asakusa Station
Business Hours: Lunch 12:00-15:00 / Dinner 17:00-20:00
Closed: Sundays

We look forward to serving you!

From all the staff at Tempura Asakusa SAKURA