Introducing Our New Menu: “Wagyu Sirloin Tempura Bowl”

Is “Wagyu × Tempura” delicious? At Tempura Asakusa SAKURA, we proudly present our luxurious new dish: the “Wagyu Sirloin Tempura Bowl.” This creation features A5-grade Black Wagyu sirloin, elevating the traditional Japanese tempura experience by fusing it with the rich flavors of premium Wagyu beef. Our skilled preparation techniques ensure that this combination not only enhances the Wagyu’s natural umami but also transforms it into a dish of unparalleled taste and texture. Furthermore, all our tempura is made with a gluten-free rice flour batter, allowing you to enjoy the crispy lightness of the tempura while ensuring a healthy and safe dining experience for everyone.

How to Enjoy

  1. Start as is: Begin with a bite to appreciate the delicate, crispy coating and the juicy, slightly rare Wagyu sirloin. This first mouthful offers a perfect harmony between the crunchy exterior and the tender, flavorful meat inside.
  2. Enhance the flavor: Next, add condiments like wasabi, chopped green onions, and shredded nori to experience the delightful transformation of flavors. Each addition brings a new layer of taste, inviting you into a world of culinary exploration.
  3. Finish with Dashi Tea: Finally, lift your bowl to the counter and request dashi tea. Our staff will pour warm dashi broth over your bowl, creating a light and savory rice dish. Enjoy the remaining meat, vegetable tempura, and fritters with the dashi tea for a blissful finish. Savor the remarkable journey of flavors in one bowl of tempura, perfectly paired with the Wagyu.

Note: You can request additional rice at no extra charge when enjoying the dashi tea.

Why Tempura for Wagyu Sirloin?

Is “Tempura × Wagyu” truly a great combination? To answer this, we experimented with various brands and cuts of Wagyu, along with different tempura batters. After extensive trials, we discovered a unique blend that surpassed our expectations, resulting in the creation of the outstanding Wagyu Sirloin Tempura Bowl. Tempura is a traditional Japanese cooking method that involves coating ingredients in a thin batter and frying them at high temperatures, which locks in the natural flavors while removing excess moisture. At Tempura Asakusa SAKURA, our specialized technique ensures that the tempura remains light and crispy on the outside while keeping the interior rare and juicy. This method brings out the melt-in-your-mouth quality of A5-grade Black Wagyu sirloin, providing an exquisite taste experience. The rich flavor of the Wagyu combined with the crispy batter offers a perfect harmony that makes this dish truly exceptional.

The Difference Between Wagyu and Domestic Beef

Wagyu refers to specific Japanese cattle breeds known for their finely marbled meat and distinctive flavor profile. In contrast, domestic beef includes all cattle raised in Japan but is not limited to specific breeds like Wagyu. Wagyu stands out for its high-fat content and tender, flavorful meat, especially in the A5 grade, which represents the pinnacle of quality. At our restaurant, we select only the finest A5-grade Black Wagyu from western Japan, sourced for its exceptional quality and flavor.

What Makes Sirloin Special?

Sirloin is a premium cut located in the middle of the cow’s back, known for its perfect balance of fat and lean meat. Its juicy and rich flavor makes it a favorite among beef enthusiasts. When transformed into tempura, the sirloin’s natural qualities are magnified, offering an extraordinary dining experience that combines tender meat with a light, crispy coating.

Menu Options

Our “Wagyu Sirloin Tempura Bowl” is available in three enticing options:

  • Casual (¥3,800): A moderate portion, perfect for women or those seeking a lighter meal.
  • Classic (¥5,800): A generous portion that lets you fully enjoy the premium Wagyu sirloin, making it a popular choice among our guests.
  • Mt. Fuji (¥7,800): A substantial serving for those who want to indulge in an abundant amount of Wagyu sirloin.

Each bowl also includes a variety of tempura-fried seasonal vegetables, such as pumpkin, maitake mushrooms, green chili peppers, nori, a soft-boiled egg, and vegetable fritters.


Indulge in the luxurious experience of our Wagyu Sirloin Tempura Bowl at Tempura Asakusa SAKURA. From the crisp tempura and the varied flavors of the condiments to the refreshing dashi tea finish, every step of this meal is designed to deliver an exceptional taste journey.

Halal-Friendly Options

At our restaurant, all meals can be prepared to be halal-friendly. We are also in the process of obtaining halal certification, which we expect to be completed and displayed with the certification mark by June or July.